Our Story

"The Taco Toaster is an easy to use device for any home, dorm room, boat, camper vans, tour bus, etc. to allow guilt-free tacos to be enjoyed"

Everything started when ... 

"One evening, Russ was in the kitchen with his family discussing their mutual love for tacos, but found themselves frustrated with the fact that once tortillas hit the oil"

 Russ always fought to lead a healthy lifestyle. With modern day cuisine, he found it to be a constant battle. During this conversation, a lightbulb went off and he immediately went to his garage to rig up the first version of the Taco Toaster. 

To his family's amazement, this device successfully created the first healthy taco shell, right from their toaster. The shell was crispy and oil-free. With thorough testing and multiple phases and versions (as seen below) the Taco Toaster came to fruition.

"I wanted to create a simple device that provided taco fans mess-free, crispy, and healthy taco shells to enjoy with friends and family

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