How To Use Your Taco Toaster! 

Place Your Flour Or Corn Tortilla In Between The Stainless Steel Lifter And The Red Taco Toaster. 

Hold The Taco Toaster Handle With One Hand, With Your Other Hand, Hold The Two Ends Of Your Flour Or Corn Tortilla Together.

Place Your Tortilla And The Taco Toaster Inside The Toasting Slot Of Your Toaster And Push The Toaster Knob Down.

Once Your Toasted Flour Or Corn Tortilla To Your Desired Crispiness, And Your Taco Toaster “Pops Up”, Grasp The Outer Part Of The Handle, (The Area Closes To The Neck Might Be Hot) And Remove The Taco Toaster From The Toasting Slot And Enjoy.